The planet Earth, including humanity, nature and its inhabitants, is our home.

What the future will be depends on the present, which each of us shapes today,

influencing what is happening in the world. Regardless of where we live and what we do,

it is important to have a conscious, creative attitude to everything that surrounds us.

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Editor and founder of the Ecology&Business journal — Yaroslava Perkhova
Commissioning Editor and founder of the Ecology&Business journal  Vasilisa Perkhova



The journal contains the following topics:

• Politics: environmental bills, programs developed and applied at the government level,
economic issues in production, the speech of ministers, the speech of regional representatives.
• Production and industry:
Modern ecological and safe approaches in the production of products, development,
introduction and application of technologies to improve environmental production.
• Agriculture: organic agriculture, agriculture, fertilizer production, soil conservation, technology.
• Utilization and processing: Environmental problems of industrial and domestic waste in production facilities, in housing conditions.
Searches for solutions.
• Environment: protection of the environment (reserves, biodiversity), rational use of natural resources  water, air, land.
Study of the problems of weather and climate, their relationship with modern environmental problems.

 Ecology&Business Journal:

Registration certificate: ПИ № ФС77-68411 from 31 January 2017.
The license was issued by: Ministry of the Russian Federation for Press Affairs.
Color: full color
The format of the journal is: 170х223 mm.
Number of pages: 64 and more
Circulation: 3000 copies
Distribution: subscription, subscription agencies, mailing to businesses, authors,
Russia, foreign countries, exhibitions, forums, conferences, business events.

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